Services Offered by HHC

Listed below are the services we can offer you and your business with a detailed summary. If you do not see it listed below, why not contact us to find out if we can help.

- Audit

- Accounts preparation

- Corporate taxation

- Personal taxation

- VAT Returns

- Payroll

- Management accounts

- Bookkeeping

- Company secretarial

- Other


We carry out an audit not only to fulfil your statutory requirements but we see it as an annual opportunity to review your business and assist you to plan for the next financial year. Many companies which are exempt from the requirement for statutory audit still elect for us to carry out an annual audit because of the added value that they gain from this exercise.

Accounts Preparation

Whether you are a sole trader, a partner or a limited company,  you have manual records or a computerised accounting system we can prepare the accounts for you either simply as part of your tax return preparation or for submission to Companies House, Banks, Lenders Etc.

Corporate Taxation

We provide support at the level required. We can prepare the tax calculation for inclusion in the financial statements, prepare the tax computations and company tax returns and advise on the amount and timing of your corporation tax payments. We are able to plan so as to minimise your corporation tax liabilities. If you have any disputes with HM Revenue and Customs we can liase with them on your behalf to help resolve any technical matters.

Personal Tax

We prepare and submit tax returns for Company Directors, Sole Traders, Partners in business or Individuals helping to maximise allowances and pay the minimum amount of tax possible.

If you need assistance with tax planning we can assist in the following areas: Capital Gains, Retirement, Inheritance, Business Property and many more. Please give us a call, we are sure that we can be of assistance.

VAT Returns

Preparation of VAT Returns can be carried out from your documents or by utilising any accounting records that you may keep.


We offer a full confidential payroll service with the calculation and processing of weekly and monthly payments. All contact and forms relating to HM Revenue and Customs can be dealt with on your behalf.

Management Accounts

If you need accurate, reliable and timely information then we can prepare monthly or quarterly management accounts information from either your manual or computerised records. This work can be carried out either at your premises or in our offices, whichever is more convenient to you.


We are happy to set up your bookkeeping and accounting system and thereafter supply ongoing assistance. Alternatively we can offer a full bookkeeping service carried out in our offices with visits to your premises when required.

Company Secretarial

We can act as your Registered Office and complete the Companies House Annual Return together with the relevant forms for change of directors, company secretary and shareholders etc.


We can also offer advice and assistance on :

- Business disposals

- Mergers and acquisitions

- Business Valuations

- Solicitors Accounts Rules

If you require any other services please do not hesitate to contact us for further guidance.

Tax Rates at a glance 2015-16

Income Tax

Personal Allowance: £10,000 (Reduced by £1 for every £2 of income over £100,000 until £nil)

Basic rate 20% £1 - £31,865 (Dividends 10%)

Higher rate 40% £31,866 - £150,000 (Dividends 32.5%)

Upper rate 45% Over £150,000 (Dividends 37.5%)

Corporation Tax

20% on all profits


Inheritance Tax

Estates over £325,000 (or over £650,000 for husband & Wife)  40%


Capital Gains Tax

Annual Exemption £11,100. 

Entrepreneurs' relief on lifetime gains on disposal of certain business assets up to £10 million chargeable at an effective rate of 10%.

All other gains taxed at 28% (18% if you remain a basic rate tax payer) .

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